Are you handy at fixing computers and solving problems when things do not go smoothly? If you are then perhaps entering the career field of being a computer technician might be appealing to you. A computer technician salary is not too bad starting out and the future is bright for this line of work. There are almost as many variations of this job as there are computers and computer operating system. This growing field includes computer support, systems administrator, network administrator, and help desk support technicians just to name a few. This article will examine this exciting line of work and try to answer the questions that are sure to come up. We will take a look at how much a computer technician salary will be, what type of atmosphere will you be working in and how much education you will need to need to get hired.

Computer Technician Salary Information:

You can expect to make an average computer technician salary of $25,000 to $35,000 when you are first starting out.  However if you take the time to get certified in some of the advanced certification programs you could reasonably hope to earn as much as $50,000 to $60,000. You can expect your wages to vary from state to state, and with how much work experience you actually have. Computers are so much a part of our world today being a computer technician is almost sure to be a growing field that has a bright future. This field offers a career building opportunity that few professions can offer.

Computer Technician Education:

You may not need to have a college degree to get started working in this profession but it would certainly be helpful. Formal training in computer science might be something your employer will want to see. There are also certification programs like Novell Software that would certainly be a plus when you are trying to get a job.
Computer Technician Work Environment:

Most of the work in this profession will be in an office that is comfortable, however when problems arise you may be required to go out in the field and fix problems wherever the broken computer happens to be. Because computers are so important to just about everyone today you may find yourself on call and have to work both nights and weekends. This can sometimes be stressful and you could develop problems associated with prolonged use of a computer.

So if you love solving problems and working with computers you owe it to yourself to check out this line of work.

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